Snaredrum with “Ultra thin” snare shell, 5 mm at integrated reinforcement rings and only 1,5 mm on the rest of the shell.

The sound

kr 9,699.00

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The SupraNolic is our take on your new favourite drum. Its thin shell – the thinnest in our range – gives warmth without being too “ringy” in the overtone spectrum, and features integrated reinforcement rings at the top and bottom. With a character well suited for use in the studio and on stage, right “out of the box”, means less time for screwing around, and more time playing. With a great punch and sound – no matter the tuning – you’ll have a partner in crime for any occasion. The width of the shell is 1,5 millimetres, and 5 millimetres at the reinforced hoops. And it’s complete with a baseball bat edge on the batter side, and 45/45 on the snare side and snare beds.

Since we are working with a recomposed wood-fibre material rather than wood we have been able to manufacture a drum in different ways to traditional drums. We roll several ultra-thin layers together  to bond them together ‘as one’. Due to this special preocess, the construction is much sturdier and has less tension in the shell. The seams are almost invisible and impossible to feel by touch. The grain of the material is also finer & denser than wood, making the surface super smooth which also benefits the sound of our drum shells.