Our Diamond range features a 2,5 millimetre thick shell. It gives a dynamic flavour and a response that feels like a metal snare, yet with the punch and familiarity of wood. The best of both worlds? Without a doubt. The width at the integrated reinforcement rings is 5 millimetres, and the shell features a baseball bat edge on the batter side, and 45/45 on the snare side and snare beds. The best way to describe this jewel is that it’s crisp, clear, dynamic, warm and responsive, even in a lower tuning. For the all-round drummer, you won’t go wrong with a Diamond. After all, Daimonds are a drummer’s best friend.

Since we are working with a recomposed wood-fibre material rather than wood we have been able to manufacture a drum in different ways to traditional drums. We roll several ultra-thin layers together  to bond them together ‘as one’. Due to this special preocess, the construction is much sturdier and has less tension in the shell. The seams are almost invisible and impossible to feel by touch. The grain of the material is also finer & denser than wood, making the surface super smooth which also benefits the sound of our drum shells.


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Crisp, Clear, Responsive,
Dynamic, Warm and Durable.

The Sound




Achim Färber
Achim FärberBerlin
Product: SupraNolic
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The SupraNolic had a very fat, warm and punchy tone in the p.a. System. The sound engineer was very happy. In the studio, I tried a lot of different open tunings, and the drum never let me down. Sounding great in any tuning. Full and warm sound always. So, I‘m happy to add another fantastic sounding instruments to my little collection of snare drums. I can only recommend this drum to every drummer, who is looking for a versatile, reliable drum with only the best parts on the market, plus a unique shell construction with an incredible deep sound!

Ian Haugland
Ian HauglandBand: EUROPE
Product: Diamond
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I never played anything as amazing as the snare drum from 101 Drums ever before!

After more than 30 years as a professional drummer, i have never played anything that comes even close to the sound of the snaredrum from 101 Drums. My first impression of it when i played it live, was how well it blended into the rest of my Ludwig kit without standing out too much or taking over the sound picture. It is loud, crisp, clear, responsive, dynamic, warm and durable. It is crafted by the guys at 101 Drums with the greatest knowledge, respect and love for the instrument and it's simply beautiful!
Ian plays a custom build 14 x 6,5" 101 "Ian Haugland Signature Snare"

Jamie Borger
Jamie BorgerBand: TREAT, Talisman, Secret Service, Last Autums´s Dream
Product: Diamond
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I like my snare drums loud and ringy, and man, this snare is loud! It´s unique composite woodfibre shell gives the snare a punch and projection of a wood shell, yet the responce and resonance of a metal snare. I love the clarity of this great snare drum, down to every ghost note. No matter if I´m in the studio recording or playing live in concerts, this Naturell Diamond won´t leave my hands.
Jamie plays a custom build 14 x 6,5", 14 x 7

Lea Larsson
Lea LarssonBand: Metalite
Product: 14 x 5,5" Smokey Diamond snare
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Lea Larsson has been in the swedish rock and metal scene since 1998 and has since played with various different artists and bands. Today she is the drummer in Metalite and also does some freelancing with a wide range of artists.   ”-My first encounter with a 101 snare drum was at a gig with Metalite at Malmöfestivalen 2019 and I absolutely loved it. It has a warm and very dynamic sound and the feel is very responsive. The snare mechanism is smooth as silk and the drum even smells good. But the best part is how dynamic it is and it responds to the smallest touch. Swedish engineering at its best”.
Carl Canedy
Carl CanedyBand: Canedy, The Rods
Product: 14 x 6,5" Carl Canedy Signature with Diamond Hoops
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I love the look, the sound and feel! I couldn't ask more of a snare drum, in fact I feel that some of my favorite drums have been letting me down. When I'm not touring with The Rods or Canedy I'm recording music of all different styles. This drum sounds amazing at any tuning or style of music. I own an extensive collection of new and vintage wood and metal snare drums. My 101 Signature drum is the crowning jewel to my collection. What I found with my 101 snare drum is that I have the best of both worlds in one drum. It has the attack of a metal snare with the roundness and warmth of a wooden snare. It’s responsive in any tuning and it cuts through like no other. The attention to detail and quality is as fine as any “boutique” drum I’ve seen. I’ve been recording with this drum it kicks ass on all styles of music. After two minutes of playing a 101 snare drum, I knew I had to have my own. I can't say enough how proud I am that 101 Drums is offering a Carl Canedy Signature Model.



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