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The shell

Over time, the process of making drums has changed drastically, always improving the methods to meet the requirements of more demanding drummers worldwide. We took a step into the future with our processing, looking at alternatives to wood. What we have been searching for is materials that have better sound qualities, sturdier construction and less environmental impact than traditional wood drums.

Our manufacturing facility specializes in working with a wide variety of materials with extremely high precision and tthorough quality controls. Since we are working with a recomposed wood-fibre material rather than wood we have been able to manufacture a drum in different ways to traditional drums. We roll several ultra-thin layers together  to bond them together ‘as one’. Due to this special preocess, the construction is much sturdier and has less tension in the shell. The seams are almost invisible and impossible to feel by touch. The grain of the material is also finer & denser than wood, making the surface super smooth which also benefits the sound of our drum shells.

The first shell to leave the factory is a very thin and sturdy 2.5 mm shell with integrated 5mm reinforcement hoops.  It is incredibly lightweight, around 700 grams. This is very hard to achieve using wood, as it is a living material it will change due to weather changes and other natural forces. The shell we are presenting is made from a wood fibres but with much sturdier composition than wood  and  traditional wood drums. Meaning it will not change over time or be affected by natural forces such as humidity  and  temperature.

Initially we offer standard sizes, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 22” drums. Other sizes from 4” up to 54” drums may be requested by special order.

What you don’t get with our shells is the species-stereotypical flavour of each wood. The characteristics unique to maple, birch, mahogany, or any other wood type. However, while the clarity of the tone may lead to some to suggest, lack of character. The hardness and thinness of the shells, result in a sound that verges on that of metal snare. While synthesized, these shells are still predominantly wood, meaning you could argue you are getting a blend of both wood and metal qualities in one neat package.

SupraNolic ®

5 mm at integrated reinforcement rings and only 1,5 mm on the rest of the shell

Shell complete with baseball bat edge on batterside and 45/45 degrees on snare side, snarebeds


5 mm at integrated reinforcement rings 2,5 mm on the rest of the shell

Shell complete with baseball bat edge on batterside and 45/45 degrees on snare side, snarebeds


Solid 5 mm shell

Shell complete with baseball bat edge on batter and snare side, snarebeds

We offer

Special printed wrap and airbrush paint art, so you can get your own design on your snare drum. Your band logo or any other design of your choice.

Personalized Diamond formed Drum Badge

Contact us and we will help you design your drums!


The drums you never knew you wanted!


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