Best of the two worlds: wood and metal

Hoops made of wood-fiber material, which delivers a consistently pure and resonant tone.

The sound

kr 1,995.00

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We are very proud to present our brand new 14” Diamond Hoops (10 holes).
They are made of the same composite woodfiber material as our unique 101 shells. You get “The best of both world´s” when
we talk metal hoops vs wood hoops. The Diamond hoops are very suitable for different genres like Rock, Jazz, Blues, pop etc.

Compared to the Die Cast hoops, the overall sound is a bit more mellow, juicy and less sharp. You get a warmer sound compared to Die Cast hoops. The rim shots are still there and the high frequencies are more under control.

The Diamond hoops are very sturdy and solid build and has very nice tonal properties.