Want your own awesome custom snaredrum?

You came to the right place!








We are specialized in making drums out of new materials and of highest quality.


Check out the 101 Spotify playlist featuring artists who has recorded with their 101 snaredrum!


Review from Modern Drummer Magazine

Mike Dawson, chief editor of Modern Drummer Magazine did this nice test of our 14 x5,5″ snare. The video shows how well the snaredrum performs in different tunings. (High to low)

Soundclip of our kit “1” from Jam Studio in Halmstad

Recorded at JAM Studios in Halmstad Sweden.
Drummer: Thern Pettersson.

This is the 101 kit “1” with the ultra thin SupraNolic®
14 x 6″ snaredrum, and PAISTE 2002 Serie cymbals.


The drums you never knew you wanted!


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